How do I prevent the last frame appearing as the thumbnail?

  • When I publish a Scribe and then look at it online, the first screen I see before I play the video is the final scene. This 'gives the game away' if you want to build a story. How do I change the thumbnail to show the first screen rather than the last?

  • Hi,
    if you are talking about a video on youtube, then you just need to find the youtube directions for changing the youtube thumbnail.

    If you are talking about some other website online, please be more specific.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks for the YT tip but I was referring to Videoscribe (when you save a file) and its website sho (when you hit 'upload').
  • Curious about the same question. The site

  • At the moment you cannot select the video thumbnail manually. It has been suggested as a feature though and if you would like to see it implemented like the original feature request post. The more likes the more seriously we will take it.

  • Link to "suggested as a feature" takes me back here

  • Link amended, sorry!

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