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    I am a newbie to videoscribe and perhaps this is a basic question but is there a way to only have a vignette on one/two scenes, e.g. the first introductory / title scene then for subsequent scenes have no vignette? At the moment I can only seem to get this to be always on or always off....

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  • Yes, set the canvas to have the vignette you like and then when you want a plain background use the scribble out image to cover the whole of the camera shot and this will give you a white background. Use 0 draw time and it'll just appear rather than being drawn in.

  • Hello Barry and thanks for the reply, sorry I may be misunderstanding but I have a somewhat long sequence with a coloured background and so not sure how to apply your solution to help give a better idea - please take a look at my first video:  (side note: honest feedback is always welcomed!) How would I make the first sequence (up to the words babycloud ~ 10sec) have a vignette then the remainder of the sequence to just be the coloured and textured background? Many thanks 

  • Hi,
    1) create a vignette with a transparent background (draw it on a new layer and hide the background layer) in photoshop or inkscape
    2) make sure the dimensions are a 16:9 ratio such as 1920x1080
    3) save it as a PNG with a transparent background
    4) import the vignette PNG (as the first image in your scribe) the same way you would import any image and scale it to fit the canvas. set the camera position, set the draw time to zero
    5) add your scene on images. make sure the camera position is set the same for all of them and the vignette

    When you move the camera to the next scene, the vignette and the image will all move off-camera.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hey Mike, Thanks so much- very clever and seems really obvious now! Thanks will give it a go and let you know thanks :-)
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