Corel Draw SVG Problems

  • I know Corel isn't really a specialty on here but I figured I'd at least try. What I'm doing is taking visio files and converting them into SVGs in Corel. They're pathing great, but instead of drawing the lines, the whole image pops up and then it traces over it. I haven't had this problem in the past using similar files through Illustrator but it's giving me trouble opening up a batch file so I'm stuck with Corel for the moment.


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  • Keith,
    the SVG looks messed up, I never use Corel, but when I open the SVG in notepad++, it looks messed up .., I think it has something to do with the Encoding Method. but not sure why ..

    anyway, what do you need the batch file for ?, Illustrator can't open batch file ?

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  • The company the job is for gave me the native files in a single 22 page file, Corel opened it after a struggle and a couple of errors. Illustrator didn't even try, just said not compatible.

  • When VideoScribe approaches a SVG file it does so from the bottom up as you look at the layers in Illustrator. Most of the paths in you SVG are at the top of the 

    layer and therefore are being drawn at the end after the image appears. Also VideoScribe works best with simple layers without groups so you would need to restructure your layer quite a bit to get this image working properly.

  • your Corel SVG contains extra styles or other stuff that videoscribe can't interpret.

    1) open your corel SVG in illustrator. The stroke weights may look different.
    2) if the stroke weights don't look right, use the magic wand to select all of the thinnest lines. set a stroke weight of 1 for those. Then use the magic wand to select the heavier lines. set a stroke weight of 2 or 3 for those.
    3) The dashed lines are using  a procedural style that won't work. Manually draw the dashed lines and delete the paths that are using a procedural dashed line style.
    4) save as SVG. you may get an alert about transforms being expanded or something.
    Save settings:

    (the text is not "drawing" in your corel SVG and it won't draw in the new SVG unless you draw transparent paths over it in illustrator... or add a stroke to it)

    Hope that helps,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • That worked Mike, thanks.

  • You're welcome.

    It might work well enough if you just open them and resave them in AI but I think the tweaking of strokes may be necessary.

    You might also be able to download a free trial of visio and export the visio files as SVGs from there but I suspect they still might need a little tweaking.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Yeah the strokes went a little crazy on the thickness in some spots but that's an easy fix, I just wish videoscribe did dashed lines.

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