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  • Good day - 

    TESTING Video Scribe to see if it can serve my purposes of a multimedia agency and assist clients with their videos .... initial attempts are less than favorable and I am 100% certain it's ME! 

    Uploading certain images (without just dropping onto canvas) and trying to blend VS images with an image is choppy at best. 

    I should treat the canvas as a flow from Left to right correct and build the project by creating slide show and then scrolling L/R/U/D depending on story line?

    Can I upload my own VO file? 

    Basic questions BUT before I go too deep I wanted to make sure this would work IF GIVEN THE TIME and ATTENTION to do it right!

    Finally, is there true customer support with LIVE assistance or is it all community emails/post?


    James MInter


  • Hi,

    Left to right is good, top to bottom is also okay, or you can arrange images in a circle or any other pattern if you wish.

    yes you can import your own voiceover in Mp3 format.

    You should probably watch the tutorial videos and bootcamp sessions (or read the PDFs) on the INSTANT ANSWERS page.

    You are posting in the community section which is like a users forum. You can use the RAISE A TICKET link at the top of the page if you want to contact customer support or call them at the phone number provided near the bottom of the contact page.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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