VideoScribe not for Retina?

  • I am very disappointed that on Macbooks with Retina display the interface is really not usable. The graphics and the interface show big pixels and is not usable.

    Do you plan to update to a retina usable piece of software?

    Thank you a lot,


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  • Hi,
    I'm curious about this. Can you explain more clearly how the interface is not usable? Are you unable to click the icons? Do they not work properly? Or do you just not like the way the icons look?

    Can you provide a full screenshot with a drawing from the library?

    What screen resolution are you currently using?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Sorry, it is usable. But it is ugly and from a designer´s point of view bot usable, because you see this pixels and steps in the icons, the drawings and the fonts. I use the standard resolution of a retina 15 " macbook pro.

  • Will you provide Retina support in the future?

  • Adrian, It's certainly something I can add to the requests. In fact let me turn this forum question into an Ideas as it's really a feature request. I'll get it logged now so the product team can consider it.

  • Barry thank you. But in my opinion retina support is obligate for a piece of software that says that it is usable on macs. it is definitely not, not as a graphics app. So I really would recommend to write somewhere in the download area that it does not support retina displays, so all mac users with new macs cannot use it. For me it is really sad, because I really like the easy way to create videos with it, but without retina it is now go... sorry. maybe I will checkin in some weeks to see if this "feauture" is implemented; I think changing it was no big thing.

    But thanks a lot and good work!

  • Looking again at your screenshot it does seem be zoomed in quite considerably so I wondering how much of this is the application and how much is pixelation from the enlargement of the image. If I take a screenshot on my Windows machine with standard screen I get a similar result.

    As for the comment on the application being unusable on retina displays I would contest that point. It's still very much usable and non of the functionality of the application is unavailable.

  • Hello Barry,

    thank you for your answer. If you read my comments again, you´ll see that I already wrote "Sorry, it is usable". But the thing is: It is a graphics app, so somebody who is interested in graphics and using it professionally and has to pay a monthly fee for it, expects an application that is not pixelated on a standard macbook pro... retina display is not new and creating applications for it that are not pixelated no big deal. A lot of graphic / web designers use macbooks by the way...

    My screenshot was not zoomed, it is just a usual screenshot from a macbook pro. It seems zoomed because the graphics should have double pixels but they have not. That is how retina works. So my conclusion was that this piece of software definitely is not usable on retina macbooks. I wonder if the developers from sparkol really have installed and tried this application using a retina display. I bet not. Otherwise they would have changed quality of graphics and fonts, and that´s it. Changing would not be a big deal.

    So: I watched a lot of your info videos, and I really really would like to use that application, and the one and only fact that keeps me away from doing the abo and paying monthly is that bad quality of images and pixelation.

    Or said positively: As soon as the pixelation on retinas (or 4k monitor´s) vanishes, I will become a big and satisfied customers who loves to pay monthly for this kind of app.

    To show you an example, I did a screenshot, where you see in the top my osx menubar. You don´t see any pixels at all. Please see the starting window (fonts, graphics) of videoscribe at the same screenshot.

    All in all: Videoscribe is a great piece of software. Great ideas. Cool support. Great team. For windows users, in my eyes, perfect. For macbook users, sorry, far from being standard 2016.

    Thanks a lot, Adrian.

  • I logged a fault on this and then found this thread. OMG, Sparkol, your responses are scary. Is there noone on the team who has a Macbook with retina display? Please, go to an Apple store, ask them to allow you to download Videoscribe and then run it.  If you don't get a major shock and run away screaming, please get new spectacles.  

  • And then tell us Mac users when the problem will be solved.  I used Easy Sketch Pro for a while and even that crappy application looks much better on the retina display.  Please accept the challenge and FIX both VideoScribe and Tawe.

  • Alan, we have some pretty big redesigns of both products underway at the moment. Both in their infancy at the moment but sharper UIs across all platforms is a definitely going to be included

  • That's good news!  Looking forward to it.

  • Any news on this topic? 

    It's really disturbing to work like this.

  • I've got the trial but not sure if I'm going to convert to a paying customer with the Retina issue....

  • Um... it's Q2 2017... Just downloaded VideoScribe and the app is STILL not usable on a MacBook Pro with Retina display.... How has this not been fixed?  How?  Does your app not support retina displays?  

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