Best video format for online viewing

  • Hi

    there are three variables when saving a video format, size and frame rate and I am not sure which combination is best to use for website viewing. 

    Can anyone help?

  • Hi,
    There is not a "best" that covers every website.

    If the website belongs to someone else, then follow their guidelines.
    If the website is youtube, provide a large size and they will produce the smaller versions
    If its your website, the choice is yours... Start with the default videoscribe settings. If it looks too small or large then just change the size.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • It would be helpful to have guidelines explaining each of the options available and why you would choose them, with examples for those who have experience in design/learning/marketing but do not have experience in video production .

    Is this information available anywhere?


    Windows WMV

    Quicktime MOV


    Image Sequence (PNG)

    Image sequence ( JPG)


    1080 (Full HD)

    360 (Web mobile \) (Okay that one is self evident!)

    640 (Normal)

    720 (standard HD)



  • We don't tend to offer advice here as it's very much a personal preference type of thing. Our defaults are set with some thought on what we feel would give a reasonable balance between file size, render time and video quality but you are well within your rights to disagree and make some changes.


    WMV, MOV and AVI (we also have MP4 download through are 4 of the top 5 universal file types and can be read by most applications.

    Image Sequences (PNG/JPG) are a sequence of pictures rather than a complete video and these are used in Video Editing Software to further change your video beyond the capabilities of VideoScribe

    As you go up the spectrum the better then video will be but the larger the file therefore the longer it takes to download, more buffering and more storage. If your video is going to be played by people with a awesome internet connection on Retina Displays then the bigger the better. If you are targeting mobile customers or countries with a poor infrastructure then keep it low. 


    This is Frames per second. You'll get a smother and smoother video the higher you with less movement between frames but again again you sacrifice file size, download speed and buffering as a result

  • Thank you Barry for the response - most informative.

  • Hi,

    Recently i faced a couple of issues.

    1. Last frame was missing in the video. Despite having appreciable pause time and setting the frame to the image.
    Though it was sorted out after a couple of attempts and finally by changing the move-in direction of the image.

    2. I converted the video (mov format, 640 Normal and 25 frames) , but the conversion seems to have some glitches. Text at many places appear distorted. (All the text box zoom-in was done keeping the aspect ratio in check.

    3. I played the video (mov format) in windows media player, when i paused the player at any frame the video seems to slip through the transition time due to which i am unable to pause the video at the intended screen.

    4. On videoscribe review player, after releasing the pause the preview video slips away very fast to makeup for the pause duration, this doesn't helps the reviewing.

    Hope these issues will be sorted out.

  • 1) that is a known bug associated with using MOVE-in and a zero second animation time. You can change move-in to "draw" (or change the animation time to a value greater than zero) to eliminate the symptom.

    2) If you mean you exported an MOV video from videoscribe and the video looked strange, then you may want to provide an example by attaching a video or providing a link to a video.  If you mean you used another program to convert the video in some way (resizing, cropping format change or anything else...) then that sound like a problem with your video converter program. could be interlacing or something else.

    3) Maybe try VLC movie player. This sounds like it might be a windows media player problem. if you want it to stop automatically at the same place(s) every time, you could make separate videos and put them all in a powerpoint presentation.

    4) Just click the "back arrow" to jump back a couple of images earlier in your scribe if you are experiencing problems after pausing your preview playback. your preview playback.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hello 

    So I am new to video scribe and using the trial version however I have recently made my first video in which I recorded the audio separately then attached it and adjusted it to fit the animation and it was totally fine yet, after exporting and saving the video outside video scribe the voice became faster than the animation 

    so what are the causes of this problem and how to fix it 

    big thanks in advance  

  • You should probably save your project online and raise a ticket so customer support can look at it for you.

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