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  • For each image, I would like there to be a beginning pause, ending pause, and also the transition time.

    I have to insert a transparent image and remove the hand animation to get the delay that I want after the image is drawn so that it doesn't immediately jump to the next drawing.

    Also, it would be nice if there was some way to set the images so that they wiggle a tiny bit (not too much or too fast) so that they are not static after they are drawn.

    And / or it would be cool if - in VideoScribe and Tawe, it would be nice if the camera could be a little shaky or wiggly. Static images are a little boring. I think this would be cool. The camera could rock back and forth a little as if you are on a boat.

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  • Thanks LearnTech! I like the beginning pause idea especially. 

    There is an after image pause in the properties of an element and we have a video which takes you through how to use that so that should give you the delay you are looking for after the image is drawn.

    If you are voting on this with a 'Like' please leave a comment to say which part of the idea it is you like

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