image properties: pause time not working

  • I just downloaded the latest version: now the "pause" adjustments for the objects don`t work anymore.


    I put 4 images ("light bulbs") in the canvas with the image properties: draw time=0; pause time= 0,5; transition time=0

    So the images should pop up one after an ohter: it seems like different ideas are popping up.

    When I do this now with the latest version, all images appear at the same time. What can I do?

    Thangs a lot!

  • 1) you could render the video to determine if it is just the preview that is not working correctly (if you are using more than 1 GB of memory you might have preview problems or other problems)
    2) you could try changing the 0.5 second pause to a 1 second pause and see what happens
    3) you could uninstall the new version and reinstall the older version of videoscribe
    4) you could try changing the pause to 0.0 and the transition time to 0.5

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks mike!
    I just tried all of you advices: none of these are working...?

    In the attachment you can find a test scribe, I just made:
  • This is a bug with VideoScribe v2.3.3 which we are currently developing a fix for and are aiming to have done for the next release. The issue is VideoScribe ignores the pause and animate times on elements that proceed an element with 0 draw time. Adding 0.1sec draw and removing the hand from the element does workaround the issue and I have shown this on your scribe (attached).

    Apologies, we'll get this fixed as quickly as we can!

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