Just ONE more audio track.

  • Is there any way to add just ONE more audio file? This way we can have one for music, one for narration and one for sound effects (marker against board sounds, animation sounds, etc... It is cumbersome to have to export this into something like Final Cut Pro or other audio/video applications when you guys have done such an incredible job of keeping things neatly contained in one program. Only thing is that the interface would need to be controllable so that it wasn't just one auto record/play from beginning to end. Would need to be able to start and stop the recording on a timeline of sorts. Sorry if this is a repeat post, but this would really help me :) 

  • Cliff, we have quite a popular request that's similar to this. http://help.videoscribe.co/support/discussions/topics/1000042367 give it a vote if you like the idea

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