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  • I have the new ipad pro complete with pen.  I am interested in working out how to draw on the ipad pro and use the drawing in videoscribe.  I have various apps that let me draw and save as images but wondered if anyone else has had a go at this who might have useful tips.

  • I know this is a late reply but I was just testing this exact same thing!

    I use Graphic (formally iDraw) by Autodesk on my iPad Pro to create the drawing paths. It can then save files as SVG's. The only issue I have now is VideoScribe mobile does not have a way to import files easily. I would love for it to have a dropbox icon next to the photos icon for importing SVGS!

    As of right now I can do it via a web link but the file comes in blurry so I have to wait to get back to my Mac to add it.

    It's almost there!

  • Hi guys,

    Andy, there isn't currently a way to draw directly in the app right now. We feel it's a bit out of the scope of the product right now so it's not currently on the roadmap. It may be in the future, but right now we don't have any plans to implement the ability to directly draw onto the canvas. As Lucas suggested, you can import from a web link and you can also import images into the app on the desktop versions. We've seen some people using iPads like a graphics tablet, then exporting the image and bringing it into the application on their desktop/laptop.

    Lucas, that's a great suggestion! If you head over to our suggestions section and post it there then we'd love to gather other peoples thoughts on it.

  • Interesting suggestion I have found on another forum which is making the folder in DropBox public and then you can use the web-link functionality to pull that image in. Just tested this on the iPad and works fine.


  • Hi Andy,

    You can use Adobe Photoshop Sketch on your iPad to draw your own drawings and have VideoScribe draw them correctly, provided you also have Adobe Illustrator.

    This is how it's done:

    1. Draw your design in Adobe Photoshop Sketch, using only the pen or pencil tool in it.

    2. Make sure Adobe Illustrator is launched on your computer

    3. Send your sketch to Adobe Illustrator. A .sket file is being opened in Adobe Illustrator

    4. In Adobe Illustrator select your artwork, then, in the menu go to: Object -> Line and Sketch Art -> Expand to Paths

    5. The artwork is now converted to Basic paths, make sure the 'Variable Width Profile' is set to 'basic'. 

    6. Save or export your file to svg 

    This works well in VideoScribe.

  • Hi Marjo,

    I did try to import de Adobe Sketch file to Illustrator ... but i can't click on the option Line and Sketch Art. I did use de pencil tool. Do you have any idea what i did wrong?


  • I notice this thread is about a year old and I'm wondering whether Graphic is still the best iPad app to create new images for VideoScribe.  Is anyone using "Adobe Draw" on the iPad? It's free and seems like this should work but the files cause my Mac Adobe Illustrator to crash for some reason.

  • I want to do it all on my iPad Pro, but, like Lucas', my images don't come through correctly. Do we have to use a laptop/desktop?
  • Hi Claire,

    In what way do your images not come through correctly? Are you abel to attach an example?

  • there are blotches of color smeared beyond where I drew them. Ignore the fact that one app is darker - that's just the ipad highlightinng which app I'm in.
    (372 KB)
  • Hi,

    I'm going to assume that your app works in a way that is similar to illustrator.
    When you draw paths in illustrator, you will see dots along the path called nodes or anchor points. Each anchor point can have 2 control handles sticking out of it. The control handles can be used to adjust the direction of the path before and after the anchor point.

    When one or both of the control handles are pointing in the wrong direction from where the line is going (usually on an anchor point where the paths change direction sharply), you will see the kind of artifacts that you have in your screenshot.

    You can fix them by adjusting the problematic handles. The handles may be very short and close to the anchor point in these cases. If you  pull them out further and rotate them around a bit, you can watch how the paths are affected and it may help you understand the problem more clearly.

    If your app does not have editable control handles then you can either try to avoid the problem by drawing your paths more smoothly and carefully, or you can edit the SVG in inkscape or illustrator or another app that shows the control handles.

     -Mike (videoscribe user)


  •  I can change the points??? And make it perfect! The time it's going to take me to draw an image just increased by ten times. lol Haven't tested with videoscribe yet because ... the image isn't 'just right' yet!
  • when you draw any stroked path with a back-and-forth type of scribble, if you are a little more careful to make the ends of the back-and forth path a little more rounded and a little less pointed, then you probably won't see the symptom any more. That way you don't have to go back and fix it later.

    you can attach the SVG if you want more specific help


  • Thanks! I played with it more today and I've got the hang of it now.
  • Thanks for sharing your results!


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