Items in different locations on canvas than designed when published

  • Hi,

    I have spent hours trying to get my scribe to be publish to either a WMV or AVI just as it was designed.  After waiting 30 odd minutes for my scribe to publish, I find that items on my canvas are in different spots.  Yes, I have checked that my camera is correctly set on the canvas.  I have also made sure that there are no 'ghost' images set to 0% solidness (full opacity). I have even deleted the images and imported them again, setting all their properties from scratch, but to now avail. In the preview all works well, but publish and it simply does its own thing. 

    I have read through a few posts and it seems that similar problems have been experienced in the past. I am using 2.3.3 for Windows. I have purchased the full version and am currently on a tight deadline.  

    Is this a bug that someone is aware of or can someone point me in the right direction towards a solution. 

    Thank you.


  • Jacques, can you upload the scribe file to your online account and let us know what it's called and we can take a look. A link to a rendered version would also be useful and some time stamps of the points where there are differences. We can then investigate and see if we can fix things. I'll turn this into a ticket for you and if you post the details there it will keep them private for you.

  • I am having this same issue.  What was the resolution?

  • Symptom:
    if you use MORPH or MOVE with an animation time of zero seconds, on any elements, those elements appear in the wrong place when the video is rendered.

    For every element that has an animation time of zero seconds, change the animation type to "DRAW"
    change the animation time to a value greater than zero

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • This is also the case for some items that are set to draw with zero seconds animation time (though not all). I have had to put a .05 animation on some of my images just to get them to show up in the rendered video. Will this issue be resolved as the work-around isn't ideal. 

    Thank you, 


  • Hi Heidi, we are aware of the issue and can appreciate that it isn't ideal. We are currently working on it and it is a high priority bug. We are aiming to have this issue resolved in the next release (2.3.6). 


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