Why zoom goes upto 2500 how can I fix less at end of the video?

  • Zoom goes 2500 at the end of the video. How can I control it. If I set the camera then all elements goes out of canvas just the last one comes on canvas.

  • Poonam, when you preview your video there is a little Zoom at end box ticked in the bottom right. If you untick that the camera will hold position at the end

  • Oh no there isn't - any check box

    This only appears when playing - what a bug!

  • Hi Richard,

    Barry stated that the checkbox only appears while you are playing the preview of the video, and that is true. after the scribe stops playing videoscribe exits preview mode and returns to the working canvas.

    If you don't want the camera to zoom out after the last element, then uncheck the Zoom at End option WHILE the preview is playing.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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