Can a scribe file be converted to XML?

  • I noticed that the import function lists XML as a valid import file type.

    Just wondering if this means there might be a way to convert a scribe project to xml so that it may be manipulated in the xml then imported into a new project.

    Or, perhaps there is a sample xml somewhere that demonstrates the syntax, attributes, etc that VideoScribe is expecting to see in the xml?

    Thanks for any clues.


  • This is possible as the scribe files are actually saved in an XML format on your computer (base folder). However we wouldn't recommend editing through this method as you could corrupt your scribe, lose data and cause issues within the application. We can also not guarantee to be able to support you with issues you may cause if editing your files that way. If you decide to edit in this way I would back-up your work before hand just in case. 

    So if you decide to proceed how do you find the XML... C:\Users\[]\AppData\Roaming\VideoScribeDesktop\Local Store\Documents is the base Library and the XML files are in the Zip folders. The scribes won't be named they will instead have a unique ID but the scribe name is in the first line of XML. 

  • Thanks for the answer.
    I took a peek inside of one -- copied it to another folder so as not to disturb the original.
    These files are very dense with information.
    Perhaps your caution about mucking about in these files is a bit understated :)
    Don't think that will be happening any time soon.
    Appreciate the prompt reply in any case.


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