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  • Hello,

    In Videoscribe, how do I create a new subfolder within the base folder?

  • If I understand your question correctly, all you need to do is click the + "plus sign" -- this is for windows. Not sure what UI looks like in other OS.

    However, trick is to click the correct +
    In the save popup window There is a place to put the title/name of the scribe. Below that there is a - and + on the left and right of the folder name. This will probably say base folder if you have not made any folders.
    Then to the far right there is a slightly larger + that is to the right of the slightly smaller +.
    A bit confusing at first. Once you get which is which it is not so bad.

    I do think that icons on a popup window should be unique and easy to identify without resort to relative size. But, that's a UX consideration.

    For the moment, I think you problem is solved by click the + "plus sign"


  • It's available on the open scribe or close scribe window. The + circled in red adds a new folder. The + / - highlighted yellow allow you to scroll through available folders already created.

    A folder will only exist as long as it has content. If you delete it's contents it will delete too and you'll need to re-add it later if you want it back

  • Anyway, or any way planned, to be able to do this within the "Cloud" saving option?

    I currently have over 600 (commercial) scribes saved online, and would LOVE to be able to organise them in some sort of (normal) way, by client, rather than relying on a naming search.

    By client > by project....that's the way everyone else does it, and it would be good to have that normal convention for Sparkol.

    Thanks for listening.

  • Bruce,

    That is one heck of a lot of video scribe. Must be a few thousand hours?

    There is a section where you can post suggestions (such as your excellent one for the cloud storage)

    But, with that much investment here's how I would organize the resources -- in addition to the cloud storage.

    Save the scribes locally using the normal/standard save feature.

    Export the scribes locally using the disk icon in the lower left corner.

    Then periodically I would backup those folders to an external hard drive.

    And I would mirror the contents on a service such as DropBox (or one of its competitors.)

    The Export a Scribe allows you to select the folder to use. This could be directly into your Dropbox. This will automatically upload the exported scribes into the cloud.

    My understanding is that the exported scribe and the natural save files are in different formats. Since I couldn't be sure what would be lost by not having the natural save file, I would  backup that folder periodically too.

    I have had to recover from some pretty serious data losses. So I go for the ounce of prevention versus 2000 hours of lost scribes.

    Anyway, just my two cents.

  • It's not on the roadmap Bruce but raise it as a feature request and that will ensure it gets considered  

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