Text is cut off at the bottom...

  • For some reason it seems there is a cut off on this font on the bottom... you'll see it on the D and S in DogSense and the M in Motivation... (caps seem to do this) how can I fix?

  • Customer support might have an answer for that. However, it might not hurt to attach the font here in case they need to try some tests with it.  Or you can try adjusting some settings on the options menu for your text element.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Would be really useful to know what font you are using here so we can run some tests. Also if you change the font to something else on that text does the problem disappear?

  • It does not happen to the other fonts... just the one I'm Using... Rock Salt.  On the file attached you can see it happening on the D, The S and the M... (caps)   Thanks for your help.

  • I don't have that font on my machine and there seem to be a few out there on the free font sites so I don't know which one you have used. 

    Looks to be that the font is just not very compatible with VideoScribe when it comes to the capital letters.

  • Ok... thanks for checking!

  • We've got a development task in our queue to look at a few fonts that clip so I have linked this forum to that and when we get to the review of that task we can look at Rock Salt too.

  • I have the same issue with Comic Sans MS font. 

    Videoscribe cuts off the bottom of any letter which protrudes downward. Here what I have 

    instead of 

  • Just loaded Comic Sans MS on my machine and it seems to be fine? I have attached a sample scribe as it may be you have a different .ttf installed and if you open my scribe it will install my working font into VideoScribe

  • It worked! Barry, thank you! 

  • It worked with latin symbols but i've found out that your .ttf doesn't support cyrrilic and it is necessary for my language... Can you please send your .ttf or advise where did you get it?

  • And it's strange - there is no problem any problem with this font in any other software (inkscape, word etc. ) exept videoscribe. There are no any cuts. But when videoscribe imports this font it cuts the bottom. I tried .ttf from several websites but the picture is  the same.  

  • I am using the comic sans that come inbuilt Windows. If Cyrillic is the issue then check out our Instant Answer page called Write with non-Western text characters as it suggests some fonts that work with that character set.

  • yeah, there are only 6 fonts sugested. And I consider them to be non usable for doodle video (at least for professional usage)...

    Comic Sans is the only font that I consider to be usable. My Comic Sans .ttf supports cyrillic but Videoscribe cuts it's bottom. Don't you think it's a Videoscribe's bug? Since there is no problems with this font in other software (Inkscape, MS Word) ...  Is there any other way of avoiding the bottom cuts?  

  • When you import an external font into VideoScribe it goes through a process to make that usable by the program and we are aware that with some fonts that this issue occurs. We have a bug logged and we need to investigate why this occurs and find a fix.

    With regards Comic Sans MS in built in Windows appears it does have Cyrillic characters but they were not imported in my VideoScribe. Just deleted the font from VideoScribe and re-added it with all character sets selected. Import the attached and it will work for you.

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