Text is cut off at the bottom...

  • Thank you, Barry! After I imported your scribe there is no more cuts in my Comic Sans texts. 

    It's strange that the same operation (deleting Comic sans and importing it with Cyrillic symbols) didn't worked when i made it by myself...

    Anyway now it works, so thank you!  

    By the way, if you would investigate this bug please consider also the fact that "i" and 'l' letters in Comic Sans are much thinner then they should be (much thinner then any other letters in this font). So it's not normal. May be these bugs are somehow correlated...


  • The problem with the font Rock Salt is that it doesn't center the text in the text box. Most capitol letters and almost all of the numbers cut off.

    This was posted over a year ago, has anyone resolved the problem yet?


  • I can say that the font clipping issue has not yet been resolved.

  • Almost one year passed and the problem is solved?

  • It is still possible to pick fonts that work well, and fonts that do not work well in videoscribe.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • The Font Kerning help page gives a range of fonts that we have tested and work well and we also have the Fonts that work well in VideoScribe forum where customers can add to this with their discoveries. 

  • @Mike, I Guess I have to choose wisely.

    @Barry, thanks for the suggestion. 

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