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  • I am a newbee and have created my first cool scribe. I would like to work with a professional voiceover studio, but can;t seem to create voiceovers per slide.

    Can you only select ONE audiofile for your complete scribe? That wouldn't be a very clever solution, if anything is changed anywhere, the whole audiofile must be redone. And if you add something or change something in the scribe, the timing gets out of sync. Am I missing something here?



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  • Hi Paul,

    In VideoScribe you can only add one audiofile per scribe. So you need to use one complete audiofile for the whole scribe. 

    My workflow is to first divide the script into multiple scenes, have the voice over studio create a separate audiofile for each scene and than I create multiple scribes, one for each scene of the script (or slide as you call it), each with their own audiofile. 

    But you do need other software after that to put the scribes together again into one movie, I use Adobe Premiere Pro to do that. This works fine and is a very flexible way to create scribes.

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  • Hi Paul,
    The work process that probably works best with the current version of Videoscribe is:

    1) write a script and revise it until it is the best it can be.
    2) record a voiceover and fine tune it until it is the best it can be.
    3) build your scribe to match and support the voiceover, and fine tune it until it is the best it can be.

    I think there is already a feature request for multiple audio tracks, mixing options etc in the feature request section that you could "LIKE" if you want it to be considered for inclusion in future versions.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike!

  • Thanks Marjo