Thick strokes drawn in illustrator are drawn as an outline

  • Hi!

    I'm trying to get an effect where some letters are "filled in" by creating a thick stroke in photoshop. But instead, after I import the .svg it draws an outline of the paths and then fills them in. Am I missing something really simple?


    I posted a video below for you to see what I mean.

    (9.63 MB)
  • You may find our Create your own images page useful and also this YouTube video which one of our customers has created to walk you through image creation. One of our regular customers also has a forum post on tips and settings needed with SVGs to make them draw well in the application.

  • The links that Barry provided will hopefully contain all of the information you need. Specifically in this case, it looks like you used the paintbrush tool instead of the pencil tool for the blue parts and that's why it draws outlines instead of proper stroked paths.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I've read the forum on the tips for drawing, and I was definitely sure to use the pencil tool to draw the blue lines. I just gave them a thicker stroke, but it still just draws the outline then fills in. Has anyone else had this problem. I'm sure it's something simple that I'm missing.

    I was trying to go for the effect that I saw in your education video, ... scroll to the bottom and watch from 2:10 -2:30.

    Thanks for your quick replies!

  • Austin, would be a lot easier to work out what's wrong with the SVG file rather than just a video. Would you mind attaching it and I'd be happy to take a look.

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