Video save problem

  • I can not save my  video on the desktop when I using the trial version. 

  • That's correct, you can only publish to YouTube, Facebook and PowerPoint with a trial account. You need a subscription to publish a video to your computer

  • H,

    I subscribe as advised, so that i can save the videos on my computer but it still says the same as before: online or scribe, only. I want to save it as mp4 so that i can add it to imovie ... Can you please advise me on that?


  • I think you are clicking the button to save your WORK FILE The button is in the upper left corner and gives you the options to save locally, online or .scribe

    Rendering or Publishing your VIDEO is a different button in the upper RIGHT corner of the screen

    Hope that helps,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • I don't save video
  • Trail version is not save a video
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