Have I just lost all my videoscribes?

  • Hi there,

    I just changed computers, and was under the impression that my files were stored in the cloud. But now I find that all my scribes can not be accessed from my new laptop. Did I just delete all my scribes by un-installing videoscribe from my old laptop? And if yes, is there anyway to recover them?

    Thanks for any advice

  • Hi,
    Good news. Uninstalling videoscribe (in the regular manner) does not delete your locally saved scribes. (unless you do extra steps like using a third-party hard drive cleaner program, or deleting files manually).

    Just reinstall videoscribe on your laptop, log in, and right-click each scribe thumbnail and choose "save/share online" to save each one to the cloud.

    you can also right-click them (or whatever the mac equivalent is) and export them to standalone .scribe files if you want to store, backup or transfer them in some way.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike, much appreciated. I re-installed and found everything there. Now starting to also upload them into the cloud / dropbox

  • By default VideoScribe saves your work to the base folder which is on your local machine. There is a cloud icon on the save screen though and click that and it'll be saved to your online cloud folder and accessible from any machine you log-into as well as downloadable from https://my.sparkol.com/online-scribes

  • same thing happened to my scribe I have lost all of my videos 54 videos, can I recover them back asap?


  • Hi Syed

    A support ticket has been raised for your query.

    Please respond to this via your Sparkol account on the Help site here.

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