move several images off screen at the same time

  • Is there a way to give the effect that all the images on the screen would be moved off screen at the same time. Like a hand swiping over the entire screen and all the images are moved off screen at the same time--not one by one.

    Tried to search for a solution, but didn't come up with any.

    Appreciate the help if someone has a trick for this.

  • Hi Raquel,

    Thanks for your question! Currently I can't think of a way of achieving this effect in VideoScribe. The closest I was able to get was to get a blank image to move in over the images on the screen (see attached scribe file), but it doesn't sound like this is exactly the look you are going for. I would suggest raising this on the feature requests section of our forums so other users can see and vote for it. The most popular ideas get considered for inclusion in future updates.

    (29.9 KB)
  • Thanks for your reply Daniel!

    I actually found an answer to my question in the community and I have been experimenting with the trickery today:

    Use this trick until videoscribe adds the desired feature. Works like a charm:)

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