Importing SVG becomes solid black

  • Hi there

    I am exporting Ai files from Illustrator as SVG files but on importing them in to Videoscribe they become solid black, like the silhouette option.

    I know it is a small change I need to make in Illustrator before exporting but I'm not sure what.  

    Any help much appreciated.


  • One of our regular customers has a forum post on tips and settings needed with SVGs to make them draw well in the application.

  • Yes, I think that item number 7 in the link Barry provided will show you how to fix the black fill problem.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I'm having the same issue, but my Illustrator export settings are EXACTLY the same as a other svg's I used during my trial period, which did not do this. 

    Both files are basically just character body parts...I piece the body parts together to create different poses. I uploaded a few onto VideoScribe during my trial to make sure things work out. Now that I upgraded to the paying version, I upload images from the EXACT same project, (exported with the exact same settings), and now ALL of the SVG's show up in silhouette. Is there a setting INSIDE of VideoScribe that I'm missing? The issue can't possibly be an Illustrator export problem, since like I said, the images shown in the attachment were exported from the SAME project with the SAME settings (only difference is, one was during my trial, and all the black ones are after my account upgrade)

  • Unless you've got them in silhouette mode in VideoScribe then it'll be the Illustrator settings. 

    When you import an image it defaults to 'Full Colour' so you would have to manually set silhouette mode from the image properties after it's on the canvas. You can see how these are set on the Colour effects help page (

    There are 3 crucial settings in Illustrator and the one that causes this problem is the CSS Properties. You will have it set to Style Attributes which is the default, you need Presentation attributes. For the full details of the save settings you need see our Create your own images help page. (

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