Tracing image over Background image

  • I'm trying to have  a set of elements draw in over the top of previous background.  For instance, the imported png is an outline of desk.  Then there is a svg image of a guy and a phone on the desk drawn.  Problem is after the phone is drawn, which is the final svg element to be drawn, the image fills the white background in thus covering the desk.  How can I prevent this?  We actually export individual scribes into our video editing system to do way more animation and organic work, so frankly all I need is that last frame of the full image after being drawn without the hand in the shot.  But when the image is finished drawing, the very first frame with no hand has the white background come in covering up the background.  How can I accomplish what I"m trying to do here?

  • Whatever application you use to make your SVG is adding a white background. google how to save transparent SVGs in that app or provide the name of the program here if you need someone else to google it for you.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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