Hand is not drawing in the fill even on stock VS images

  • Hi there,

    I am using only SVG's imported from VideoScribe's base library for my video, and on about half of the images, the hand only draws the outline and the fill just pops in at the very end of the animation. In other words, the hand is not drawing in the fill for SVG's that come with VideoScribe. Why is this happening?


  • That's the way color fills work by default. They just appear. The hand will only draw the fill colors if the SVG's are made with a few extra steps creating a path for the hand to follow for the color fills.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Can you give us a few examples, I noticed you commented on another forum topic that is was the lines themselves that were being outlined and then filled. But is the black lines are showing complete and then a colour fill is popping in then that will be by design. When you use a hidden line to draw in the fill this makes those images unusable with the morph functionality so we have some colour images which are drawn fills and some which pop in to try and provide a balance. 

  • Ah okay. That is too bad. Having the colors for some images draw in nicely, and others just popping, creates an inconsistent look. I really hope this can be fixed in VideoScribe's future.


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