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  • Here's the video of the Educational characters released last week in action

  • Hi,

    I would love more pictures or scenes of summertime activities like surfing, wakeboarding, waterskiiing, running on the beach, beach volleyball, sunbathing, playing on the beach, building sandcastle, etc.

    I often need to find pictures that symbolise "financial freedom / time freedom / personal freedom"

    Best regards.

  • Morning everyone,

    I bring you news of new images and this update is a direct response to a request on this forum from Charles Hickley 

    "What would be really helpful in the library would be each letter of the alphabet, numbers, and symbols, both as outlines and filled in -  in a way that the hand looks like it is colouring in each letter and giving us the ability to change the colour in the settings."

    They can be found in the 'Alphabet and Symbols' folder which will appear for you when you next access the Library. They are all blue and grey in the Library (colours shown in the '82 NEW IMAGES!' text in the video below) but both the main colour and the 3D colour can be changed as we have shown with a nice rainbow effect... of course outline mode is available as well.

  • Hi, would it be possible to add in the "shapes" section some simple perimeters (not solid) that can be used to highlight images or text? The problem with the "Shapes" is that they are all solid. I can't for example just have a simple perimeter in blue colour to highlight something without colour filling within. Thank you.

  • Hey Ivan,

    We added a couple of images last year for this purpose, they are designed to be a little rough so it looks like you are circling something on a whiteboard freehand and they change colour easily too

    The outline and dashed shapes in the the shapes folder have no fill to them so they are just outlines. 

    You can change the colour of these too but it's a step or two more to complete that. Once added to the canvas go to the image properties and change the 'Colour Effect' to Outline and then you will get the option to change the colour of the stroke.

  • Thank you! I didn't see the three coloured lines in the icons and though it was not possible to colour them. Thanks again!

  • Hello everyone... a big update to tell you about 305 new images and they are making me very emotional! We've taken some of our new 'Characters' and drawn them in a set of 20 different poses and displaying different emotions. We've also got a brand new style of character too which we've done the same things too. 

    @Nithya Mascarenhas, @Stephanie Fleishman & @Murat DEMİR - This feeds back to your request for people in different poses and emotions

    @Fiona Mariner - There are some sitting poses in here. New characters, rather than the old but 20 poses instead of 10 so you can swap the old out for the new!

    @Gro Vetaas-Høie - The new characters certainly have a more cartoon-like quality as well.

    @Tim Stevens - Not sure if any of these characters are formal enough for your business people in different poses request? I have changed the clothing colour on the one below and it looks reasonably formal.

    Hope you like them? Let us know what you think! 

  • Thanks Barry and team for being responsive to our requests!

  • Thx Barry and Videoscribe team for these new images :-)))

  • World Health Day is just around the corner so we have taken this opportunity to fulfil a request from this forum and add some images to celebrate the physical and mental health practicing Yoga can bring (hope you like them Kristy Wake).

    12 popular poses have been covered with both male and female versions available. Keen eyes amongst you will also notice a couple of Yoga and Meditation images amongst the people update from a few weeks ago. 

    Find all of these by searching 'Yoga' in the image library.

  • Medical characters would be great.  Also the ability to bend and curve words - much like word art....not sure why so many of VideoScribes templates use vectors that are NOT in the library - a bit misleading if you ask me.

  • Hey Jeanne, we did a medial characters pack not too long ago so that's unlikely to be something we revisit for a while. See page 8 of this forum or this YouTube video showcasing them.

    Bending and curving text would be a whole new feature rather than a new image pack so I would suggest raising that as a seperate feature request topic so people can comment and vote on that, it's certainly an interesting idea!

    With the templates, the vast majority of the content is in the Library. There is the odd custom image created to fit a theme but we collate these and when there's enough we would add them to the library as a group update. If you can't find something feel free to create a new forum post with a screenshot of the image and we can tell you how to find it. If it is a bespoke one, then you can export it and bring it into a new project that way until it's added to the Library.

  • We've put 64 new images into the Library this week in direct response to a request on here from Amy David... playing cards and dice from all views can now be found in the all new 'Toys and Games' folder. 

  • A car key fob!

  • More new images hit the Library yesterday, another new character style and this time we've turned the cartoon volume up to 11! Hope you like them?

    @Nithya Mascarenhas, @Stephanie Fleishman & @Murat DEMİR - Again, This feeds back to your request for people in different poses and emotions

    @Gro Vetaas-Høie & Geoffrey Montague-Smith - The new characters are the cartoon style you requested

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