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In Progress
  • Here's the video of the Educational characters released last week in action

  • Hi,

    I would love more pictures or scenes of summertime activities like surfing, wakeboarding, waterskiiing, running on the beach, beach volleyball, sunbathing, playing on the beach, building sandcastle, etc.

    I often need to find pictures that symbolise "financial freedom / time freedom / personal freedom"

    Best regards.

  • Morning everyone,

    I bring you news of new images and this update is a direct response to a request on this forum from Charles Hickley 

    "What would be really helpful in the library would be each letter of the alphabet, numbers, and symbols, both as outlines and filled in -  in a way that the hand looks like it is colouring in each letter and giving us the ability to change the colour in the settings."

    They can be found in the 'Alphabet and Symbols' folder which will appear for you when you next access the Library. They are all blue and grey in the Library (colours shown in the '82 NEW IMAGES!' text in the video below) but both the main colour and the 3D colour can be changed as we have shown with a nice rainbow effect... of course outline mode is available as well.

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