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  • Great new images! I wonder if it's possible to add a "Favourite" folder and allow an option to save our favourite images in folders? There are images I use very often and sometimes take a bit of time scrolling through to find them,  having the ability to create one of more "Favourite" folders would be amazing. Thank you!

  • Hey Ivan, that would be a seperate request for a feature rather than something we could cater for in this thread. It has been requested before so you can like and comment on this post to show your support.

  •  Hello Dears.

    I am looking for kids SVG pack images for (girl kid )  8 to 10 years specifically.

    Positions needed is 5 to 8 position such as (standing, setting on the ground, emotional surprised, shouting, laughing,,,,,).

    Thank you in advance

  • Thanks Ali, I've added that request to our ideas board for consideration

  • We've added some new nature based backgroud images to the Library this week to help you build your story. You can find them in the front of the 'Backdrops' folder.
    @David Foldi, there are a few summer based options in amongst them like the beach, sunny sky's and lots of green open spaces.

  • Do we have a page where we can see labels for images or icons part of videoscribe? 

  • The tags aren't available in that way.

    We do have a help page that takes you through searching tips - https://support.sparkol.com/knowledge/searching-the-image-library

  • We added 133 more images last week, they are a very diverse so they are spread throughout the appriopriate folders

  • More new images today and some exciting news on searching too!

    • 24 images (12 people in full colour and highlight versions) added to the Famous People folder, these are:
      • 11 Inspirational Women to celebrate Women's Equality Day which is the 26th of August. We've picked a selection of both historical figures and present day icons - Susan B. Anthony, Emmeline Pankhurst, Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Serena Williams, Malala Yousafzai & Greta Thunberg.
      • Joe Biden has also been added to update the World Leaders part of that folder.
    • 32 new images added to the Business folder. These are one of our new character styles depicted in different professions. 4 characters per profession - Pilot, Police, Construction, Scientist, Developer, Engineer, Lawyer & Banker
    • We've translated all the tags we use in the search facility to cover another language. You could already search in English (UK & US) and Spanish,  we've now added Portuguese. So whether you say Potato, Potato, Patata or Batata you'll find the tasty image that you're after.

    We'll have promo videos for these early next week so I'll share when they are available

  • We've added some more new images into the Library this week and this update take us over 8,500 images available in the library!

  • Hi! I wonder if it's possible to add a few more cartoon-style characters? I love the style and I have been using mostly those in the past few months, they are also great for thumbnails! Thank you.

  • Hey Ivan, the new cartoon characters have been popular so we are considering adding some more of these

  • For those of you not subscribed to our YouTube channel you may have missed the latest update on new images

  • Hi, could you please advise where can I find the cartoon used on this video posted on your YouTube channel? I don't see them within scribe: https://youtu.be/4CzDB_foXJo

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