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  • Sounds good!  Any idea when that would be available..?

  • Hi John, I do not have a specific date however we have designers working on them as we speak! There will be a large variety of new people/characters available, we want to ensure that we have an array of different people from all walks of life. Once the people have been designed, we will allocate jobs and personalities to them so if you use a doctor in one of your project, you will find the same person is always a doctor whenever we update our image library. I expect between 4-8 weeks for the first phase. 

    If you have specific requests of what you want the doctor(s) to be doing (e.g. holding a stethoscope, in scrubs for an operation etc), please let me know.

  • I would love images from the bridal/honeymoon perspective. I checked and there are none with this theme.


  • Hey Roy, thanks for the input!

    We added a new wedding cake in the celebration pack back in January as well as Fireworks, party poppers, balloons, champagne, banners and bunting so they may be useful in building up a wedding scenario. 


    Our Scenery pack from last month also includes a lot of possible backdrops which could be used. A Gazebo for an outdoor ceremony for example plus beaches, tropical dunes and winter wonderlands as possible holiday/honeymoon backdrops.  

    As Joe said though we are working on a project to get a lot more people in as well though so we'll see what we can do about a new bride/groom option in there as well.

  • Oh... and our buildings pack in Feb had all sort of Churches and other religious buildings in it as well for weddings with a religious theme!

  • Hello People!

    We have just launched the April pack of new images and this month we have 23 new world maps. For details of exactly what they cover and how to find them check out this blog post... http://blog.videoscribe.co/new-maps-available-in-videoscribe/

    Keep the ideas and feedback coming as it's all useful stuff.


  • Hi 

    What would be really helpful in the library would be each letter of the alphabet, numbers, and symbols, both as outlines and filled in -  in a way that the hand looks like it is colouring in each letter and giving us the ability to change the colour in the settings. This would then mean we could create key words by importing each letter, scaled to any size we want without loosing  quality and rely less on importing text, which becomes blurred when increased to a certain size .


    Charles Hickley 

  • We thought we would spoil you this month and give you a little 2 for the price of one when it comes to image pack releases! 26 new weather based images are now available for your enjoyment.


  • Is there a link to a download page where I can find images for people in a cartoon style like this? Or can you guys add characters like this into the package?



  • since those are on shutterstock, you might as well buy them from shutterstock, I'm assuming that they are available in some vector format.

    However...They seem to be made of color fills with no strokes so they are not a style of art that will draw well in videoscribe, but you could use "move-in" instead of "draw" if you really want to use that style of art.


  • @Geoffrey, we have a few people folders in VideoScribe which have lots of different people and poses. Check out the People, People Female and People Male in the library to see what is available in the program.

    As Joe said a couple of months back we do have designers working on new personas and will be adding a whole range of new people to the Library soon.

  • New image pack will be out next week... 

  • And here it is!


    58 brand new images of vehicles of all types... hope you enjoy them! 

  • Hi Barry Radford,

    Can we have more youtube related images please ?

    I really miss them a lot.



  • Those with a keen eye may have noticed a new folder appear in the image library in recent weeks called Currency. 

    We have added 41 images which include all the coins and notes of the 3 currencies you can pay for VideoScribe with. 

    Check out the new $USD, €EUR and £GBP images and let us know what you think. If there are any other currencies you are keen to see then let us know and we'll see what we can do in future updates.



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