What images would you like to see?

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  • I would love more pictures/scenes of people sitting together in meeting, having coffee, reading. I would also greatly appreciate more disabled characters. 


    I oftentimes struggle to find pictures that symbolise "over time"/"long-term"/"in the long run". 

    I'm a big fan of the GIF's so more of them would be fun!

  • Hello Linnéa, 

    We are working on some people in groups at the moment and these will use the new characters and include disabled people. 

    We also happen to be working on a pack we are provisionally calling metaphors and this will look to add some new images to represent things like thinking, success, energy, etc. I'll add those three examples you've given to the conversation around that pack, not saying they will be done but we'll consider it. 

    No immediate plans with GIFs but I've put a suggestion on the list and we'll discuss that one as well.

  • We've released another 123 images into the Library this morning and this time it's an update to Shapes. There is so much you can do with these so we've created a few examples to provide some inspiration.

  • More business to business images would be good. A lot of images are consumer centric and not business centric images.

  • Hello Chris, thanks for the input. Could you provide some specific examples of what you are looking for and I can get this logged with the team.

  • We've added a new folder and started to cover 'Concepts and metaphors'. 

    Things like success, deadlines, growth, ideas, learning, saving, money grows on trees, glass half full, time is money, hitting the target are amongst the options covered in this initial update of 50 images. We have more planned in this area so this is just phase one (@Linnéa Sjögren your suggestions of over time/long-term/in the long run are on the to do list)

  • More new images today!!

    We're excited to see 20 of the worlds best rugby playing nations commence battle in Japan this week! To celebrate, we have added 28 new rugby images into the Sport folder.

    We've also added 5 new flags to the Geography folder as well to make sure all 20 nations are represented in VideoScribe.

  • During some of the uploaded videoscribe videos, the background seems to fade to a different colour with each new scene. How is this achieved? When I change the background colour, it's applied to the entire project including the previous scenes. Any help would be appreciated...

  • Hey Craig,

    We've made a video explaining how we do some of the things in our recent videos, including changing the background colour.

  • Today we have added another 139 new images to the VideoScribe Library taking us to a ever growing total of 6,385....

    •  51 new images in the Concepts and Metaphors folder
    •  88 new images which we've created to use or our website and our own marketing videos are now available to you as well

  • My favorite update so far in Videoscribe is the Concepts and Metaphors folder. My videos have really become more impressive. I think you should put more emphasis on improvements in this area.

  • We have got one more batch of concept images planned as they have been used a lot so far. 

  • I would love to see more business people who are color editable. Did you notice how almost all of your business women are brunettes? We need more blondes in there please!

  • Loreal, no I did not know that. We've just finished a producing a 'People in Groups' pack and this includes some new business people... guess what, all the females are brunettes again! Good news is that one of the characters in each image will colour change so you can add some blonde. These will be with you soon but in the meantime if you add a screenshot of a couple of business images you like from the Library I can change the hair colour to blonde for you and attach a copy of the updated SVG to this forum so others can download and use them too. 

  • Thanks Barry! I really appreciate it! It would be great to have the groups attached  with and without faces to have blonde hair!  Thank you so much!

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