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  • @Ivan - They are all from our History folder, the ones that are not specifically in there look to me like they are just different heads on different bodies with a few colours tweaked so I would say the person creating those videos has been exporting our images and using Illustrator/inkscape to make some amendments.

    @Gro - Most of the cartoon style people can be found in the 'outline characters' folder, each character has 10 poses so there are 2 characters per page. We've also added a new style recently which is what we will be working with going forward for all our people images, you can see this in these linked videos (New Characters & Groups of People). Is this new style useful to you?

  • Happy New Year everyone!

    We are kicking off 2020 with some more new images for you. 51 of the most popular Landmarks from accross the globe, each in 2 styles giving you another 102 extra images. You can find these in the Geography folder

    @Murat DEMİR - We've added the Maiden's Tower to this pack which was part of your request for more Turkish images

  • thank you.

  • More new images today! An extra 44 are available with the bulk of those (36) being American Football images so you can make something to celebrate your Super Bowl party which is less than 2 weeks away!

    There are also a few new Saint Patricks Day images added to the Celebration folder as that is fast approaching and we've added a couple of extra Rugby pitches to match the style we've used for the American Football images

  • We're keeping the Sport theme going in the new pack of images released today... It covers Athletics, Cycling, Swimming and Women's football (Men's football was already covered). All these on top of the Rugby and American Football images released recently. Hope you like them!

  • As a personal trainer, I would like to see images of different muscles and bones of the human anatomy

  • We've added a few things like that in updates since this forum started. 

    The Biology section of the Science pack included the circulation system, nervious system, respiratory system and full Skeleton (see page 6 of the Science folder).

    Also, check out the Health folder as there are a number of anatomy, organs, bones and X-Rays in there as well and these were added in June last year.

    These are just the newer ones, there are another style of anatomy images further back in the Science folder as well (page 16). 

    If there is anything specific that you think is missing let me know?

  • Hi,  I'd like to see a  "kit of parts"  for a character set.    Lets say one of your basic cartoon characters, with 6 types of hair, glasses,  bodies etc...   all as separate SVG styles so we can build unique characters from the kit. 

    Thanks  :o)


  • Thanks Graeme, it's an interesting idea I'll put it onto the ideas board so we can consider it alongside all the other things we have lined up.

  • New Images for you!! 184 new Icons were added to the Library see the video below for examples of what we have available and how to find them.

    The next pack we're working on is Healthcare professionals, we started this a couple of months back but they will be finished and available soon! This request dates back to the first post on this from John Yumul, but given the current global pandemic I imagine these will be very popular in general. 

  • A couple of new packs to bring you up to date with...

    Today we have released 170 new images of Medical staff covering Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, GPs, Pharmacists, Dentists, Opticians and Orderlies. There are also a number of the specifically aimed at the current crisis with ventilators, PPE and testing for example. You can find these in the Health folder within the Image Library.

    We also added another 31 icons earlier this month to build on the ones from March, these again we're specifcally around the corornavirus and cover topics like hand washing, social distancing, working from home an well as medical releated icons. These can be found in the Icons folder of the image library.

    Can't wait to see what you create with them!

  • Hello Scribers,

    More new images to tell you about and these all became available on Friday. We have 32 new Metaphors, 32 New Stick Figures and also a new folder called 'Backdrops' which features 25 of the backdrop images we have used in recent templates. Hope you like them and there are videos below showing off the Metaphors and Stick figures.

  • I'd love to see playing cards. I was surprised they weren't already in the library, given how often they are used in teaching probability and related topics.

  • Hi Amy, thanks for the idea. 

    So you would be looking for an image of all 52 card individually, the joker and a whole deck? Or would you be looking for some key combinations as well? Guess if you have all 52 you can make all the combinations you need.

  • Oh, that's interesting -- the whole deck would be nice, but at least all values of one suit, and all suits of one value. There are a lot of examples like, "suppose you have a standard 52-card deck...if you draw three cards, what is the probability they are all the same suit?"

    More combinations of dice would also be nice for this purpose -- the current images available all show a "5."

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