Move and object without having color disappear

  • Hi guys! Im trying to move an object like a soccer ball. The movement works fine with the morph option. But in every singe step the color of the ball disappears. What can I do so that the colored object moves without having the color disappear? 

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  • 1) if you only use black basic stroked paths and no fills in your SVG, then nothing will disappear when morphing. (you can use black stroked paths to make the black areas of the ball)

    2) you could make an animated gif (but that would require you to learn how to make an animated gif) of a ball rolling. Keep in mind GIFs use up more memory than other images and may not look as smooth as SVGs

    3)  you can use move-in (instead of morph or draw) to move a ball (svg, png or jpg) across the screen,  but it will start off-screen and move  to a location of your choice. you cannot move an image that is already on the screen using this method.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • (note: I think only option 2 can be used to "roll" the ball instead of simply moving it, but as I mentioned, animated gifs have some drawbacks.)

    It may be more visually pleasing to emphasize videoscribes main ability which is to show things being drawn on a whiteboard.


  • The morph function will only work on the lines of an image and not the fill. Jonny explains this well when moving the mug in VideoScribe tutorial 4 – Bringing your scribe to life.

    So if you change the image you are morphing to Outline it will look much better.

  • Thank you very much for your help! I think it would be an essential option for the next update, to be able to move colored objects. I'm sure users will be pleased.

    Thank's again...

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