Quick Time Security Issues

  •  I'm not sure if this effects Sparkol users or not. I just read an article about Quick Time security problems and Apple is going to abandon quick time.



    I have not uninstalled quick time from my windows computer.

    My question is, if I uninstall quick time, won't that remove the codec and I can't render videos in MOV format?

    Your thoughts and feedback would be appreciated.

  • If I understand correctly (the article seems vague to me), Apple is no longer supporting or updating quicktime (the standalone player and the web plugin) for windows because the default windows player and other players can play quicktime videos.

    The uninstall instructions say to choose "Quicktime7" as the program to uninstall. It does not mention a need to find and remove all related codecs from your machine, so I assume that step is not necessary.

    I uninstalled Quicktime from my Win10 computer and I was still able to render an MOV in videoscribe and play it in the default windows10 media  player.

    If someone else knows better than I do, please chime in.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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