Scrolling script?

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to make a rolling script in VideoScribe?

    I have in mind simply typing my script into VideoScribe purely as text (no images), and having the text scroll across the screen from left to right in time with the voiceover.  

    It's similar to the words appearing on an autocue, but instead of scrolling upwards like an autocue, the words scroll left to right continually, as if reading a long, single line of text.

    I've seen this on a website and found it held my attention really well as I was reading the words and listening at the same time. 

    I've tried to make one using Videoscribe but can't make it work seemlessly.

    Thanks, all help and comments gratefully received.

  • Hi,
    1) type your text
    2) with your text element selected, click the "set camera" icon to set your camera position
    3) use move-in as your animation type. set it to move-in from the right side. choose a long animation time (maybe about 1 second per word).
    4) then nudge your selected text element to the left until it is off of the visible canvas
    5) select "no hand" as your hand

    when you play the preview, the text should slowly move in from the right side and move out to the left side.

    Mike (videoscribe user)


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