Move multible images the the same time

  • Is it possible to move or morph multible images at the same time?

    e.g. i have 2 images. A girl an a boy.

    I want to shrink them to smaler persons. i only know that way step by step. 

    First the boy and then the girl.

    But i wanted to start shrinken both images at the same time.

  • You can only move/draw/morph one image at a time in VideoScribe. The only way to do this would be to export the separate SVGs into Inkscape/Illustrator and then make them one image.

  • Yes. i tried this. Bit there is a problem.

    1) i moved person 1 to another place

    2) i moved person 2 at the same place. near by person 1.

    3) now i wanted zu shrunk both person. for this i have to use a new image where both person are in it

    But i don't know the step how to change the 2 person images with the new image (where are both person in it).

    I think i have to use MORPH. But i can do it only with one image. So one personis still on screen

  • option 1) if the two people are the only images visible on the screen, just zoom out the camera to make them smaller. (you will have to add a new element somewhere (it can be off-camera where you can't see it) in order to add a new camera position.

    option 2) when you have the 2 larger people together, just import a new image containing the 2 smaller people with a white background and place it over the two larger people.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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