Image then Text or Text then Image?

  • I'm creating a scribe that includes static photo images (i.e., they won't be drawn, they'll just appear) and text labels (which will be drawn on screen) that go with those images (for example, the image is a person sitting at a computer and the text is "Intake Process"). I'm trying to decide which should appear first, the image or the text, and I'd love to get some opinions on this. Which do you typically show first? Also, do you think the text label should appear above or below the image?

    I can make instructional design arguments for any of these options, so I guess I'm mostly interested to know what the more "standard" approach is for scribes, since I'm still fairly new to creating these.

    Thanks, in advance, for any answers...especially quick ones, since I'm on a deadline! :)

  • In general, if it is a photo with a caption underneath, display the image first.

    There might be some cases in which you are telling a story with text, and then the photo is added a s a"kicker": like "one day, when I wasn't expecting it, I saw bigfoot!" and then the bigfoot photo appears (after the text is written) In these cases, the photo is used as a surprise, and the text could either be above or below.

    just my opinion,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thanks, Mike - opinions were just what I was looking for! :)

    Would your opinion change if the text was going to appear above the photo? I still haven't decided on the text placement yet, either. (Normally, I don't have these struggles, but I didn't really design this scribe myself...I'm working from a storyboard that someone else gave me and I don't want to ask them for their input on detailed stuff like this right now for various reasons.)

  • For captions I would put the text below and after the photo.  or in front of (written on) the photo.


  • Thanks, again, Mike! :)

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