scribe online saving issue+font issue

  • When I try to save the scribe, I get the message "The scribe cant be saved online. Check internet connection. 

    When using fonts like Arial, Aharoni, Blackoak std there is space between the words

  • Can you create a new scribe with just a couple of Library images in it and see if that saves online for you without error? That will help us determine if it's a general issue with your account or installation or an issue with only that scribe project. 

    With regards the fonts can you provide a screenshot of the issue from VideoScribe so I can see exactly what you mean and suggest a solution.

  • I got the same message yesterday. When I checked the cloud copy, it seemed to have saved with my updates (it was a big scribe)

  • I have the same problem.. now I think that the reason it doesn't save online is because it is too big..? and this is a huge problem for me now because i need this scribe for an important presentation. Any help?

  • If you are having trouble saving the scribe to your online directory (cloud icon) you can export the scribe as a .scribe file instead and either email it to yourself or upload to a file sharing service. You will then be able to download and import that scribe into VideoScribe on another computer.

    How to import and export scribes

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