Resizing a line

  • Hi

    New user. A fantastic tool. Can you help on what seems to be a simple thing please.

    I have a straight line. I want to extend the length - either to the right or left. However, when I resize from the right (mouse click & drag) the line extends from both edges. The same is true if I extend from the left handle of the line.

    I only want to extend the line in one direction (say to the right, after anchoring the left hand edge of the line). Is there a way to do this pleas?

  • In videoscribe when you resize any element, it scales outward from the center point. I don't believe there is any way to drag one side longer without moving the other size (unless for example you have an image with a transparent background and your line starts in the exact center of the image and extends to one outer edge of the image).

    So if you are just enlarging a line you can only extend it in both directions and then reposition the element so that the starting point is where you want it to be.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)