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  •  Hello,

    I know there is a way with "Morph" to move a car from one location to another e.g. driving along the street.  But is there any way that it will move with the colours? So that I have the chance to animate a car which is driving? I know there are already those topics in here but I want to know if I have the chance to download any additional software to do this or anything else. I work for an company and they have no problem to buy another feature to be able to move things as a full image. Thank you in advance.

  • You cannot use morph without losing the colors during the morph process.

    1) easiest option: instead of morph, use "move-in" to move a color car from off-screen...across the screen... to it's final position. you can set the animation time to determine how long it takes for the car to move-in. This cannot be used to move an element that has already been placed on the canvas.

    2) If you know how to make animated gifs, you could make an animated gif of a car moving. If you do not already have some experience making animated gifs, the process is too complicated to try to explain here. However, you can google search it if you are curious. With some experimentation, you can figure out how to draw a static image of the car, and then place an animate gif directly over it to make it seem as though the car has been drawn and then moved across the screen. animated gifs can be made with various programs including photoshop and gimp.

    3) If you know how to use Adobe After Effects or some other video editing program, you can edit a finished videoscribe video to move the car across the screen. If you do not already have experience with that kind of video editing, then you would need quite a lot of study and experimentation to accomplish this.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Okay got it now :). Thank you for the info :))


  • I need HELP on having the car to disappear after the morphing process. Thank God, I can get a MORPH process work :-) and my car would drive! that's good. HOWEVER, after the car drives, I don't want to see the other car shows up on the canvas (after the morphed car completes the drive) See the attached print screen for better  clarifications. Thanks

  • 1) on the properties menu for the second element, where you choose the morph option, be sure to select the "clear item" checkbox.

    2) if you checked the "clear item" option, the car is not actually reappearing during the preview of the video, the car is reappearing when the preview finishes and videoscribe automatically returns to the working view.  In the working view you can click the little "eye" icon for that image in the timeline if you don't want to see it.

    3) if you checked the "clear item" option, the item will not reappear in your rendered video either.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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