Output to AVI and WMV - frame is cut off and askew

  • When I output my video to AVI or WMV format, the final product looks terrible. The framing it cropped considerably and it's not level. I have tried numerous times, rebooted computer, restarted the software, tried different formats and resolution, etc. Any ideas? I have never had any issue before.

  • I have the same issues as well as syncing issues when I use WMV. Never tried AVI yet. I usually use MOV and convert it if I need another format. Not sure there is a solution but a bug that only the developers can fix.


  • I never had this problem before. It started this week for some reason. I upgraded to the latest version this morning and am still having the same problem. Another bug (I submitted a ticket) is the sound track suddenly not working.  You have to delete it and then add the same file again.  It will work for a few minutes and then stop. 

  • Guys, getting our hands on your examples would be great so we can take a closer look for you. 

    Could you either export your work and attach it here or save the project to the cloud and let us know what they are called. If you can share the output videos as well as the scribe project we can then compare/contrast and investigate.

  • Hi!

    I can not find the option for saving the video-presentation in AVI or WMV format. I only see the option for uploading to the cloud or save as tawe.com. Could you please help me?


  • (Free users cannot publish AVI or WMV videos)
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I need help and have a deadline... having the same issues... will post my output and a video from my iPhone that shows it playing correctly in the viewer.  Please advise!!!

    Can't attach even the smallest size... please provide the means and I will send you the info...

  • 1) then make a smaller one... like a 5 second video showing the symptoms and attach it.

    2) what video player are you using to play the video when you see the problem?

    3) have you installed a program that crops videos square for instagram or for any other reason?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thank you.  I simplified the flow and it worked.  I think I was trying to do too much.  Workaround FTW

    For future, how can you make a short video? I didn't see an option to output anything but the entire project.  

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