render to then download?

  •  Hi! anything I miss here? To save on my computer time, I tried rendering via Got my video on line but I would love to download it on my own computer. Cannot find how (and stilllllll expecting a real help manual here, I am losing so much time trying to understand how you guys think, thank you!!)

  • 1) Look at your video on
    2) right-click (or if you are on mac, do the equivalent of right-click)
    3) choose "save as" from the right-click menu to save the mp4 to your computer.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • thanks I did not  try right clicking while playing it; I tried it while the video was staying "silent"
    Now I know, but a little button would help.


  •  I have removed the video, I would not want anyone to be able and download it easily, I only give it to my own students. I tried from my colleague's PC just to be sure. Anyone with the address can download it. 

  • Underneath your video in you get a whole host of options one of which is download. 

    You need to be logged into to see these options as only the owner of a video can download them. That's to prevent exactly the thing you were worried about and lead to you taking your video down. Options are limited to the below if you log-out and if you set your video to Private nobody will be able to see it at all and you will even need to log-in to get to it.

  • Thanks and sorry for my absent mindedness, I guess I was not logged in when I tried... Quite logical I did not get the same screen as yours. But still... how come I tried from my colleague's PC, without logging in with my ID (same IP though, same network) and I could "save as video" to his PC? 


  • Ah you mean through the right click, save as video function. Yes is appears that allows you to download it. 

    I'll raise that as an issue now and get that looked at.

  • Yes, 

    A FAQ or quick online manual would definitely help.

    I love your program, but I've wasted a TON of time looking on forums, and troubleshooting for a number of issues I've had. It would be a shame if I had to switch over to a different animation software because I enjoy the style of VideoScribe.

    When attempting to download, yes I can see the option to select the format to download, but there is no button to download the video to my computer. I also had concerns about anyone being able to right click and download the video onto their computer. A download button would help a lot.

    Thank you!


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