Screen-filling zoom to enable video transition

  • Is there a simple option to zoom in on a picture such that is fills the whole screen? As far as I remember, when double-clicking on an object there is always some space to the sides.

    The reason behind this is the following: I am composing videoscribe image sequences with video sequences from other sources by drawing the first image of the next sequence (which has to have the appropriate dimensions of course). Such an option would make the transition super easy.

    The last time I used videoscribe I zoomed in manually, which was not really comfortable.

    If this option does not exist yet, would it be possible to be included in some coming update?

  • The default draw position is not completely full screen it gives a small amount of white space around the image so you would need to manually choose the zoom level if you needed it to be completely full screen. I have therefore moved this topic to the feature requests forum so others can vote on it and if it's popular we will consider implementing it.

  • Thanks!
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