Buy new Characters

  • Does anyone know a good place where to get new avatars from?

    (except the ones included in the videoscribe library)

  •  You might be interested in these additional resources:
    1) SVG STUDIO! thousands of SVG images that you can buy by theme or by artist or in bulk
    2) if you use the search feature in the image library you will find additional images created by users that are not sorted into the existing library folders.  These are images created by users that are only available to pro videoscribe members. I believe that they are labeled with green tags (free) and red tags (for purchase).
    3)  (mostly offers complete whiteboard videos I think. There might be people selling image sets too)
    4) google search for free vector clip art and just touch them up a bit.

    5) make your own SVG images using adobe illustrator of inkscape (free at I recommend installing an older version of inkscape as the newer version makes SVGs with larger file sizes and can cause problems in videoscribe. SVG tips

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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