NO! My video is automatically zooming

  • Hello!

    Ive created a video and when ive played it, i saw a problem. Everytime, when a new element (Text or Picture) is coming/showing up, the camera is zooming to this new element. And so the problem is, that i only see this new element and not the other elements, which ive put in the video before.

    So, the automatically zooming isnt the problem, the problem is that during the zooming the former elements are outside the "range" and not part of the video anymore :/

    What shall i do? Thx

  • if you are using the ipad app there is no way to change the automatic zooming.

    If you are using the desktop program:
    1) put the camera where you want it for an element
    2) click the element once in the timeline to select it
    3) click the "set camera icon" to save the current camera position for that selected element
    4) repeat the process for every element

    1) always remember to click the "set camera" icon immediately after you add each element. then
    2) scale or reposition the elements as desired.

    related links:
    CAMERA SETTING TIPS for Videoscribe version 2 (2015)
    INSTANT ASNWERS page with tutorials and FAQs

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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