I have to allow VideoScribe to manage my account to upload a video?

  • I made a scribe and I wanted to upload it to YouTube, but I couldn't believe that I had to give permission to Videoscribe to "manage my account" in order to do so.

    By agreeing, I would have to give them permission to...

    "view and manage my videos and playlists" and "view and manage my YouTube activity, including posting public comments."

    Why would anyone allow this?

    Perhaps I misunderstand, but by agreeing to this, I would basically be giving up rights to my channel, wouldn't I?

    Theoretically, VideoScribe could add/delete/change videos in my channel whenever it saw fit.

    Someone please explain to me what I seem to be missing that everyone else seems to understand.

  • Changing that one setting is the only way videoscribe can upload videos to your youtube account.

    If you are scared to change that setting, you should probably buy a paying membership so you can render videos and upload them yourself.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I certainly have no problem paying for a membership, but I wanted to see how not only the uploaded video looked, but how the whole process of uploading a .scribe file went.

    If paying for a subscription will allow me to render the videos myself, then that's easy enough.

    I'm still not entirely sure if this software is something I will want to continue to use, however. Thus, I am checking out the trial.

    Thank you for your comment.

  • VideoScribe would not look to amend anything on your profile it just needs permissions to be able to post videos to your channel and these are wrapped up with a few things that we don't need as well. We have built our API in a way that we would only ever publish new content and not ever delete or amend anything already on your site. 

    Mike is right though, with a subscription you can publish video files locally and then manually upload to YouTube and therefore negate the need for VideoScribe to have any permissions to your YouTube account of any description.

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