scrolling error

  •  Why does the canvas automatically scroll from one element to the next, then not show anything else???

    this is only happening between my penultimate and last element. geez!

  • Can't tell from your description, maybe you are using move-in or morph with a zero animation time. (currently bugged)  Just change your animation type to DRAW if you are using a zero second animation time.

    If your problem is something else, describe it in more detail or attach a .scribe file here.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  •  Mike,

    after the twirling cheerleader, it starts to scroll???  all i want it to do is go to the next element .

    - this is money you can use for -

    thank you.

  • The scribe you attached does not have a twirling cheerleader that I can see, and it does not have the words "-this is money you can use for -"


  • wow, this is getting a bit frustrating. i had all the elements camera set and working fine except the last groups elements. now, halfway through, there's no pictures o the screen. but if you zoom in, you will see them all there. also, if you zoom out and view the elements, they work fine as individual groups. now its just the combining them all for one smooth video.

    what am i doing wrong? (sad face)


  • you attached the same wrong scribe again.

    the camera settings are probably still putting the camera where the elements USED to be.

    when you move an element, you have to move the camera too, then  with the element selected, you have to click the "set camera" icon to save the new camera position for that element.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • sorry Mike, i am only working on one scribe and i re-saved before i sent it to you. did you try to play the scribe? did you zoom in to view my work? like i said, this is now day 2 for me, and i am trying to learn as i go. i am watching and re-watching the tutorials as well as other current videoscribe youtube videos.

    i have tried un-setting the camera for all the pieces in each group and then re-setting them. still, no luck.


  • Both .scribe files you uploaded in this thread seem to be the exact same.scribe file that you uploaded in the other thread. and they do not seem to contain the phrase you mentioned when you mentioned the scrolling problem. They all have a final zoom of 10% and the elements are all in the same positions in a long vertical column.

    There are 3 ways to save a file (locally, to the cloud and as a .scribe file) Maybe you just resaved your project locally in videoscribe, but did not save it to a new .scribe file. try saving a new .scribe file with a new name.

    At this point, it might be better if you just delete the images that are not working right, and then add them back in.

    Also,just a guess... maybe the problem (I don't have a clear understanding of the problem or problems)  is occurring because you do not have the correct elements selected when you set the camera. any elements that you have SELECTED (not necessarily the elements that are visible on the screen) will be assigned the current camera position when you click  the "set camera" icon.  So in theory you can select an element in the timeline at the bottom of the screen and click set-camera when the camera is not even showing that element..

    something else could be the problem but I don't seem to have your current scribe and I don't really understand what you are describing, so I won't just keep guessing.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Mike,
    I fixed one problem - the scribble sheet was blocking everything else.
    Now, you should be able to see the twirling cheerleader. after the end of the twirl, comes this loooong scroll. and i don't know why or how to fix. you should see this around 2:20 into the scribe.
    i am sending you a new and fixed scribe.


  • you have attached the same file again... please reread my previous reply again carefully.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I don't know if you opened it but the contents have changed. I have opened this file and it does take me to the twirling cheerleader at 2:20 into the video and then comes the unwanted scroll.
    1. i made the elements in a more horizontal way - not a long vertical line-up
    2. i fixed the scribble sheet that was blocking it
    3. i am selecting from the element scroll on the bottom of the scribe so i don't miss or add anything
    4. i did change the name to "ab testing2" - however, it seems that it changed for my previous work as well. this is different from PowerPoint where changing the name creates a completely different file. i am re-saving as "testing123" to the cloud since it says my file is to big (15.08mb)
    5. since this is primarily a instructor scribe, i don't mind starting again but i sure would like to be able to fix whatever is wrong with this one first. Or i might be doomed to repeat it!
    6. should i place all my elements in a horizontal line?


  • Hi,

    Yes, as I said,  I have opened up all 4 duplicate copies of the same old file. Maybe you should delete "ab testing2.scribe" from your hard drive so you don't just upload it again.

    Since I cannot see files saved to the cloud, maybe customer support can help you Monday.

    If you re-read my replies carefully, one bit at a time, you may be able to gather enough new info to fix your problems.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Mike,
    i truly thank you for your time and effort. I took out the last elements, found a new spot, and re-posted everything. Set the camera - now its scrolling to the other side. Yet, I'm not having any trouble with the other 12 plus elements. but i will not rest - literally - until i solve this. i sure can't wait til Monday.

    mike - you da MAN!


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