Adding more than one voice cover and/or music track

  • Hello, I have been trying to Add more than one voice cover and/or music track into my videos, for example I want to have music on the begging and me talking in the middle and something else at the end. So far I can only add a music-track and record a voice and that must be for the whole video. 

    How can I add different sound effects to my videos, for example, add the sketch voice when its drawing along with me talking and a music in the begging and end?

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  • videoscribe allows two audio tracks which start at the beginning of the scribe. Usually that means one voiceover and one music track

    Any sound editing or mixing that you wish to do must be done outside of videoscribe and saved as an mp3 file.

    Free programs such as Audacity can be used. I think audacity also requires you to download a plugin or codec (also free) in order to save mp3 format.

    related link:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hey guys, you really ought to make it possible to add more than one narration file, and more than one of your music loops, because we are trying to tell a stories right? Having just the single music tone throughout the entire story might not match for parts of the story plot. You upfront training advices to work on the script, create the hero, villain, the helper etc.. you can only imagine these characters each deserve their own sound, but we so far can only use on music loop, and if we import into an external video editing software to vary the backing music, or the narrators voice, then we can't use your music loops! Please introduce this capability, it would go a long, long, way to expand what seems to be a limitation.


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