add option to insert video footage into a scribe

  •  hello, getting to love this scribe (and the gang behind it all)

    saw another scribe software that had the ability to add a video footage into the scribe with the extra ability to have the intro presented as a drawn sketch, which then runs as the real footage. . .

    would love this feature
    would prefer this. . .  with you

    (i can send bourbons should it help hurry such a feature into fruition)

  • Hi Stephen, 

    Unfortunately we won't be able add an insert video feature into the program, this affect can only be done post render.

    As he program only has a certain amount of memory available to use through the Adobe air platform (up to 2GB max), it would not be able to handle additional videos and render those also.

    You can export your scribes as a sequence (PNG or JPG) with a transparent background so they can be used with other video editing programs (Movie Maker, Camtasia, Premier etc) so they can be layered on top of another video.

    There are not enough bourbons in the world to bribe this dev team, believe me, I've tried.

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