Unable to upload video on YouTube in Free Trail Version

  • Hi,

    I saw many topic and replies about the same issue related to my topic.

    I tried all advice but nothing works.

    My few observations:

    1. Every time I try to uplaod on youtube; I am asked for permission that VideoScribe would like to access and manage my YouTube account as follows:

    I always click on allow and then it starts rendering and then uplaoding on Youtube.

    But then it throws following error

    Inline image 1

    Please note:

    I have already created a channel in YouTube.

    There are already five video showing; but nothing is uploaded.

    Really strange and frustrating.

    How can I recommend my company to buy a Pro Version of VideoScribe??? It's frustrating... really.

  • Hi,

    Please save your work to the cloud folder so customer support can look at it.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • It is saved on cloud under joshi1.playerauctions@gmail.com 

  • Any recommendation?

    I tried again, but it shows the same.. 

  • Hello Bhargav,

    I've downloaded that to the cloud and I am publishing it and uploading to our test YouTube site now. I'll let you know how I get on.



  • Hello Again!

    Uploaded first time for me in just a matter of minutes - here's a link to the finished video https://youtu.be/XgrB3c_87Mw



  • Hi Barry,

    I am not able to upload my scribe video on you tube, my link is https://youtu.be/n61NTJ3hHSA

    How I can save my video on cloud ?

  • To save your scribe project to the cloud, open your scribe project in videoscribe, then click the save icon in the upper left corner, then in the save menu, click the cloud icon in the lower left.

    This is just a guess, but I think the previous users problem might have been a slow internet connection causing the youtube upload to time-out or fail after uploading part of the video.  Also I think youtube might have a file size limit but I don't know if that was an issue for that user. 

    There could also be a problem in the scribe itself.

    Save your project to the cloud folder and tell customer support the name of it if you want them to take a look. 

    Also, I would suggest that you make a small scribe project with just one image and try to upload that to youtube. That way, at least we will know if videoscribe is able to upload any videos at all  to youtube from your computer. 

    You could also try resetting your modem and router if you think that might clean up the network connection.  report your results here please. 

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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