Can't upload the HD version

  • I have created a couple of animations on iPad and tried uploading via saving them to the camera roll. The quality is terrible - the picture really blurry. I also paid the fee for 6 credits (this after subscribing to the monthly fee) and sent the animations to for the HD versions. The problem is that when I tried to share these HD versions from the only think I end up with is a link. I expected to be able to place the HD version directly onto a platform like Facebook or Twitter. Is this limitation because I am using an iPad? When I tried to access these animations from my MacBook they didn't seem to be there even though I had saved them in the app on iPad
  • 1) the ipad does not have a monthly fee. I don't have the ipad version, but
    2) I don't think it offers any HD quality under any circumstances.

    3) The desktop version has a monthly fee if you are a pro member
    4) The desktop version allows you to render video to your computer hard drive in HD if you have a pro membership
    5) The desktop version allows you to publish HD video directly to youtube or facebook or
    6) If you render your video using, it does not automatically go anywhere else, but
    7)  you can make it public for other people to view it using a link on or you can download it as an mp4 and then manually upload it to youtube or facebook or twitter
    8) scribe projects saved on your ipad can only be opened on your ipad.  But if you have a Pro membership, I think you can save them to the CLOUD folder if you want them to be viewable an editable on other devices.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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