Missing scribes - new PC

  • Hi, just had a new PC provided at work. Have installed VideoScribe but all saved scribes online are missing. Not checked from home as yet. I have backup copies of most on my old PC and laptop but just wondered why this is as I am of course signed into the one account I have with you,

    Many thanks

  • You may already know this, but by default, all scribes are saved locally, not online. You have to manually select the cloud folder as your destination folder if you want to save them online.

    (Online saved scribes are never deleted, lost or affected in any way by the act of installing videoscribe on a new computer or by using videoscribe on a different computer. However locally saved scribe can only be seen on the computer on which they were saved.)

    To copy them  to the online folder, you can just get on the old PC, log into videoscribe, right-click  each scribe thumbnail, and choose the option to save a copy online.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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